Two Disaster Management Workshops and one Diaster Awareness Workshop were held at 3 places in Gujarat during the year. It was held at a college campus so as to have better facility and participation from the local college. It was a 2 day program with active participation from Shri Amit Dubey (All India Coordinator for Disaster Management, SSSSO) and State Vice- President Shri Hemant Patel. DM workshops at Amlipura, Vadodara on 04.08.2015 with 80 participants and at Maroli, Navsari on 10.10.2015 with 77 paticipants. DA workshop at Ahmedabad on 28.09.2015 with 95 participants. Live demonstration and mock drills on rescue operations in case of Earthquake, Floods and Fire were conducted for better understanding and readiness of the team. A contingency plan to mitigate the damage in the events of natural calamities were explained in detail during the workshop. Special emphasis on knot tying
technique were taught so as to use it to the maximum in rescue operations.