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Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation – Surat, Gujarat


Elocution competition


Sri Sathya Sai Inter Collegiate Elocution competition 2018 organised by SSSSO Gujarat Dist. Surat & Tapi at Prashanti hall, Althan,  Surat  on Sunday 30/9/18 which was started with 3 Omkars, inaugurated with Lighting lamp by Shri Manohar Trikannad(Member of SSSSO, National Council), Veda chanting and Swami was felicitated with flowers. Parimal Vyas(Dist.President,Surat & Tapi) welcomed all and gave brief introduction of Guest and Judges who were felicitated with mementoes. Shri Manohar Trikannad expressed best wishes and blessed students. Mrs. Shanti Krishnamurthy(Judge) explained rules and regulations of elocution competition. 37 college students participated from different colleges on the subject ” Father and Mother are Living God “. Shri Avinash Rao (SVP, SSSSO, Gujarat) and Shri Chirag Patel(DYC) explained various youth activities and motivated students. Smt. Suman Dave (Judge) gave feedback and remarks. All the participants were honoured with Swami’s books and certificate of participation. Prof Shiv Prasad Dubey(Judge) declared results and winners were given trophies by Guests Judges and Shri Bharatbhai Patel .

Winners are as under :-

1st Mukund Nair, 2nd Avkash Tiwari, 3rd Kaushik Ukani, Consolation Bhavna Singh, Consolation Jignesh Solanki.

Shri Digant Hansoti (Surat samiti Convener) expressed vote of thanks.

Jai Sairam !

Quiz Competition 


SSSSO Surat and Tapi organised District Bal Vikas Quiz competition on dt.30/9/18 Sunday 2.30 noon which was started with Three Omkars. Parimal K.Vyas(Dist. President,Surat & Tapi) welcomed all and prayed Swamy to bless BV students to become worthy citizen of India and instrument  in Divine Mission. Shri Manohar Trikannad expressed best wishes and blessed students.Smt. Belaben Modi(DBVC) gave instructions. 54+19+10=83 students from First,Second and Third group respectively participated. Judges announced names of 1st,2nd ,3rd and consolation prize winners.Shri Avinash Rao(SVP) motivated students.A successful programme with the help of All Gurus, and parents. Arti was offered to Bhagwan.

In group 1(Age : 6 to 9) 54, group 2(Age : 10 to 12) 19 and in group 3(Age : 13 to 15) 10 Balvikas Children had Participated.

The winners are as below :

Group 1 : 1.Shubhangi M. Jariwala, 2.RamNarendra A. Gupta, 3.Neel M. Rathod, 4.Parav P. Pandiya, 5.Sonali S. Vasatkar.

Group 2 : 1.Sakshi Khandare, 2.Amogh Rao, 3.Neha Rana, 4.Shivani Sharma, 5.Mayank Behesa.

Group 3 : 1.Mahek K. Jain, 2.Amit A. Jha, 3.Harish D. Kumawat, 4.Harshit A. Ghandhi, 5.Diya G. Rathod.

Jai Sairam !

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Sri Parimal Vyas, District President, SSSSO – Surat.

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