State Youth Festival 2018

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation was founded with a Divine objective of spreading the message of Selfless Love and Service to Humanity. It has been consistently undertaking projects and programs to promote Human Values.

Everyone should realize what one owes to the society in which one is born and from which one derives so many benefits. Young people should reflect on the question what gratitude they can show to the society which has given them so much. What service are you doing to society? Every man should show his sense of gratitude to society by rendering selfless service.

With this motto, we are organizing Two-day State Youth Festival on the theme ‘Youth for Nation Building’ in Surat.

Following activities will be carried out during this Youth festival.

Medical Camp, Blood Bank visit to understand importance of blood donation, Narayana Seva– preparing and distributing food, SaiNet– preparing medicated mosquito nets, Hospital Visit, Old age home visit, Gram Seva – visit to village, Vidya Jyoti project– empowering schools, Vedam practice, Sai Protein preparation, musical evening, Talent show and many more…

Youth brothers and sisters between age 18 to 35 can register themselves by clicking on the given button

For more details kindly contact

Brother Chirag Patel :- +91-9558199377

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