Divine Visit To Gujarat

VISIT 1: MARCH 27 TO 29, 1967

Swami flew to Jamnagar on 27th March and stayed at the Amar Vilas Palace guest house. Swami inaugurated the headquarters of the Sathya Sai Seva Samiti of Jamnagar. Swami proceeded to Bhavnagar via Rajkot on 27th morning. He gave Darshan to the assembled devotees at the Western Railway Auditorium. Swami stayed in the bungalow of Abdulla Noor Mohammad at Takeheshwar. He gave Darshan to the multitudes from the roof of the bungalow. He walked among them at 5.00 pm and later addressed them. Swami laid the foundation of Sai Mandir, Bhavnagar city. Swami reached Bombay on the 29th evening.

VISIT 2: MAY 24 TO 26, 1968

Swami left for Gujarat by car from Mumbai on the 24th. He visited Navsari and Surat on His way to Baroda where He spent a day.

VISIT 3: MAY 15-16, 1969

He proceeded to Ahmedabad on the 16th from Mumbai along with the Chief Justice Sri P. N. Bhagawati. The Governor, the Chief Minister and other leading citizens of Gujarat had the opportunity of a private audience with Swami. Swami addressed a mammoth gathering in the Police Stadium.

VISIT 4: MAY 15 TO 17, 1970

Swami flew to Ahmedabad on May 15th and addressed a mammoth gathering there. The Chief Justice, Governor, the Chief Minister of Gujarat state and other ministers were present during the occasion. Swami left for Dwaraka along with the Rajmata and His entourage on the same day. Swami alone could visit the temple at Dwaraka due to the unprecedented crowd. After a short visit to Mithapur, Swami led His party to Kuranga near the sea shore. Swami dug out of the sands a bright golden image of Lord Krishna playing the flute.

He told the devotees that He had materialised the Lord for them since they could not have His Darshan at the temple earlier on that day. He reached Jamnagar at 9 pm. Swami visited the Ayurvedic University on the 16th and blessed the Sathya Sai Seva Dal training programme. Swami addressed the Rotarians in the Town Hall that evening. At 9 pm He took His party to the Balachchdi seashore near the Sainik School. He brought forth from the sands a silver 15 Vinayaka idol for Prof. V. K. Gokak and a beautiful silver idol of Annapurna for the Principal of the Sainik School. Swami recharged the Somnath Shrine on the 17th and also inaugurated the ‘Digvijaya Dwar’ acceeding to the request of Rajmata to fulfil the wishes of her late husband Sri Digvijaya Singh. Swami flew to Bombay from the Keshod aerodrome.

VISIT 5: MARCH 31 TO APRIL 2, 1973

Swami flew to Rajkot by a chartered plane on 31st morning. He addressed a public meeting in the evening and witnessed the cultural programme presented by the students of Rajkumar College at the college auditorium. Swami fulfilled the earnest desire of the Rajmata of Navanagar by inaugurating the Digvijaya Singh Wing of the Rajkumar College on 1st April. Swami proceeded by car to Jamnagar that same afternoon. Enroute, He blessed the students and staff of the Sainik School. Swami inaugurated the Sri Bal Vikas building on 2nd April morning. He spoke about the noble qualities of the Rajmata and commended her selfless Seva. After a reception by the Home Guards, Swami flew to Bombay from the Jam Nagar Military Airport.

VISIT 6: APRIL 14, 1982

At Jamnagar, Bhagavan addressed a huge gathering at the high school campus in the evening at the request of the Rajmata of Nawanagar. Sri Panduranga Rao translated Bhagavan’s Telugu Address into Hindi. The children of the School presented a variety cultural programme.