Service Wing

~ The Royal way to God : Selfless Service ~

Engage yourselves in service activity. Consider social service as service to God. This is the best way to earn God’s Love. Love all and serve all. Your entire life will be sanctified thereby.”

~Sathya Sai Baba

  • Two aspects define the service activities for the state organisations, one is the “Prashanti Seva” rendered by the sevadals at Prashanti Nilayam and the second is the service done by them in the state. Regular “Narayana Seva” (feeding the hungry), medical camps, service to the elderly, special service at chance and leprosy wards, antenatal care in slum areas, organising scribes for the visually challenged, maintain order, during festivals, educating street urchin, both pre and post-operative assistance for cataract surgery patients, blood donations camps and organising blood donors, distribution of prosthetics and tickles to physically challenged, skill training to women from weaker sections of society, planning and running skill schools for the rural youth, conducting cattle camps for the rural livestock, providing drinking water and sanitation facilities for small rural hamlets are just some of the noteworthy avenues for Sri Sathya Sai Sevadal.
  • Bhagawan says “Service is the highest spiritual exercise for God himself takes human form and comes down to serve mankind and lead it to the ideals it has ignored. The Purpose of human birth itself is to do Seva. It is for serving others till the last breath that this noble life is given to us. You must try to find out the nature of suffering undergone by your brethren and make efforts to remove It and afford relief to the best of your ability and capacity. Then only will God become the resident of your heart.
  • Bhagavan categorically emphasizes that what seva does to you is far more important than what seva you do.What do we need in order to do seva? Money, material and man power are required but Bhagavan says these are not as important; instead what is required is a pure heart. A pure heart full of love is the highest qualification we need to do seva.Seva is not a compulsory duty or an uncomfortable obligation. Swami says it should happen naturally and spontaneously. It should occur naturally to us to serve others.
  • Swami gives a Vedantic stamp to it and says Paropakaarardham idam sariram – this body is meant to help others. It is the very purpose of this body. Hence seva should become a natural thing for us.