Mother & Child Care

This programme is committed to long term upliftment of Mothers in society. The implementation plan gives a brief introduction to the health status of the mother and children, followed by situational analysis both in terms of maternal health and child care “It is highly important to take care of the health of children,” says Bhagawan. “Health is the foundation upon which human life rests.” The Mahila wing, SaiYouth and Sevadals can be a part of this project. By providing their assistance in a number of ways which aims to improve and encourage maternal health and childcare in the SSS-VIP villages or Slums.

  • It comprises identification of pregnant mothers, mothers of newborn babies, and children up to age 5 and children under the age group of six to twelve years in the SSS-VIP villages / Slums.
  • Weekly / fortnightly / Monthly…Visits are to be made as per the Village need and strength of our Samithi by the Volunteers in these SSS-VIP Villages / Slums. Group visits and home visits of Pregnant / lactating mothers should be made.
  • To impart training in safe motherhood, childcare, personal hygiene and spirituality to pregnant mother and lactating mother in support of Husbands, In laws (Mother-in-law), Anganwadi karyakar and ASHA. Our loving care is also extended to the village headmen, local schoolteachers and elders, who are involved in activities to ensure that women have community support.
  • Educating women of villages in the basic principles of personal care during pregnancy, Prenatal and Postnatal, child health, childcare and child training. Also to follow-up periodical vaccination on time. Thus, this will promote health and well-being by providing access to health information and health education. when health prevails, vitality pervades both in body and mind.
  • Government provides facilities like on-going medical and nutritional support and has various schemes like Janani Suraksha, Chiranjivi Yojna, Balika Samrudhi Yojana and others; here we can play a role of a mediator and try extending the government benefits to the Pregnant Women / Mothers and Girl Child (To change negative family and community attitudes towards the girl child at birth and towards her mother.) We can do coordination with government health services and Anganwadi workers to provide immunization, micronutrient supplementation, and family planning information. This will improve maternal health scenario at the village level.
  • Pre natal and Postnatal (post delivery phase) visits train mothers in better infant care and it also includes preventive healthcare education, immunizations and on-going nutritional counseling.
  • Preparation of Exhibits, Video CDs, and Pictorial material can ideally be used in creating awareness among the Village people.

9 Point Chart of Mother and child care project

  1. Getting support of Sarpanch and midwife.
  2. Heart to Heart Contact with all Pregnant & lactating mothers through Family Survey, Analysis of collected data and experience of one to one visit.
  3. Gynec Camp.
  4. Child health checkup Camp with Health card.
  5. Session with Lactating mothers on Neonatal /Postnatal care.
  6. Session with Pregnant mothers on individual care.
  7. Session with Family members of Pregnant mothers.
  8. Balanced Diet Session.
  9. Training for Local women as a basic health worker.