Narayan Seva

Q . What Is Narayan Seva?

Ans .To Serve Daridra As Narayana is Narayana seva.

See God in everyone you meet; see God in every thing you handle.
His Mystery is immanent in all that is material and non-material;
as a matter of fact, it has been discovered that there is no matter or
material. It is all God, an expression of His Mystery! Derive joy
from the springs of joy within you and without you; advance, do
not stand still or recede. Every minute must mark a forward step.
God has two forms, One is Lakshmi-Narayana and other one is Daridra-Narayana. Most people prefer to worship Lakshmi-Narayana for ensuring their personal prosperity and welfare, but few chose to worship Daridra-Narayana (the Lord in the form of the poor and the forlorn). Members of the Sai Organisations should think only of service to Daridra-Narayana. If the hungry are fed, they are easily satisfied. Service to Daridra-Narayana can never go waste. It is the highest form of sadhana. Man is the product of the society and service to society is real service to God. Such service should be rendered without regard to caste, creed, race or nationality. The essence of all religions is one and the same, like the current that serves many different purposes but is the same energy. In serving society, they should bear in mind the four ideals of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi and Prema. Service is like a bulb, which cannot shed light unless there is a wire to convey the current. Sathyam is the current. Dharma is the wire through which the current flows. When the wire of Dharma is connected to the bulb of Shanthi, then you have the light of Love. One may encounter difficulties in rendering service. But one should not be overwhelmed by them. The Pandavas have become immortal because of the sufferings they underwent for the sake of Dharma. Jesus sacrificed his life for the sake of those whom he came to serve. Prophet Mohammed had to face similar troubles in his mission. Do not aspire for comfort. Greater than all other forms of worship is Seva (service to one’s fe11ow-men) done in an unselfish and dedicated spirit. There is an element of selfishness in forms of worship like Japa Dhyana etc.But when service is done spontaneously, it is its own reward. It must be done as an offering to God.

– Address delivered to Active Sai Workers of 300 adopted villages of Tamil Nadu, at the Prayer Hall, Sundaram, Madras on 22-1 – 1985.

What Is true Seva ?
Seva is a small word but is filled with immense spiritual significance. Hanuman is the supreme exemplar of the ideal of service. When the Rakshasas asked Hanuman, during his search for Sita in Lanka, who he was, he replied simply: “Daasoham Kosalen-drasya.” He was content to describe himself as the humble servant of Rama. Seva must be viewed as the highest form of sadhana Serving the poor in the villages is the best form of sadhana. In the various forms of worship of the Diane, culminating in Atma-nivedhanam (complete surrender to the Divine), Seva comes before Atmanivedhananam. God’s grace will come when Seva is done without expectation of reward or recognition. Sometimes Ahamkaram (ego) and Abhirnanam (attachment) rear their heads during Seva. These should be eliminated altogether. In speech what matters is the inner feeling. The purpose of speech should be to promote heart-toheart understanding. Develop the love of God in your hearts. The heart is like a musical chair in which there is room for only one. Give in your heart place only for God.

– Address delivered to Seva Dal workers at the workshop on Health and Hygiene at Abbotsbury, Madras on 25-1 – 1985.