Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publication Board

Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai baba gives frequent divine discourses for the devotees. Normally, he talks in Telegu. These discourses are then translated in to all Indian languages so that devotees can understand and put into practice in their lives. All of these divine discourses are printed in Santan Sarthy every month. But still such divine discourses are published into book forms and are available for devotees at a very reasonable rate. For this purpose, every state publication does this work. Gujarat is no Exception.

Unfortunately, all of these efforts are seen as business. Some people give wrong impression to devotees that it is only publication board’s responsibility to translate and publish such books. In this regard, Bhagwan Sri Sathy Sai Baba, in one of his divine discourses said with soft tone said that when you see a book physically, you don’t sell it. The reason for divine incarnation of Avatar in this world is for the purpose of positive changes in us and we can live divine life. HE has several solutions for this, one of them is HE wants to speak to you in the language you understand.  So that means we are not selling the books but bringing HIS divine teachings/ thoughts – which HE has conveyed in his divine discourses at different times. This way if you read the books regularly then you stay in touch with Swami. So for this purpose, all the devotees should buy these books and read these books and become an instrument of this divine avatar’s work.

Let’s look at small example, Sri Harvard Murphet wrote a book, “Baba, the man of miracles”. This book has become very popular among spiritual Seekers. Every single English speaker who read this book not only stated believing in Swami but also started coming to Prashanti Nilayam. The credit goes those who first read the book themselves then inspired people to read this book. In Gujarat we do have a lot of Bhakti but the numbers of devotees are less as compared to other states.

Let’s all make a Resolution/declare that –

1) Subscribe Sanatan Sarthi for atleast 3-5 years minimum.

2) Read the history of Sri Satya Sai’s complete set in Gujarati language

We want blessings of God be always with us, here are some ways –

1)  Donate Sanatan Sarthi in the local library in your area.

2) Gives such books as prizes in any Compition

3) Inspire our Indian brothers and Sisters to subscribe santan sarthy and also to buy baba’s books

4) In marriages and on Birthdays or on any other occasion, give books as gifts so that they can have good memory

5) Every Sai Devotee should become a mini library

- N. R. Raje

Convenor , Sathya Sai Education & Publication Board - Gujarat