Sai Protein

The ‘Sai Protein Service Project’ is a community service project undertaken by the Ladies of  Sri Sathya Sai Organisation. Sai Protein is a powder rich in protein that can be dissolved in either hot milk or hot water to prepare a health drink which may be served to anyone be it children, adults or the aged and elderly. The Sai Protein powder was introduced by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and plays a significant role in many  service projects in India.


The preparation of Sai Protein Powder involves

  • Procuring of raw materials Procure all ingredients from local retailers.
  • Cleaning and Dry Roasting Thoroughly clean ingredients by checking for insects, stones etc. Dry-roast all ingredients separately in a thick –bottomed pan on low flame. All ingredients, except cardamom and sugar, are to be dry-roasted.
  • Grinding Mix all the dry-roasted ingredients and send to a mill for grinding. Sugar and cardamom are to be ground separately.
  • Packaging Mix all ingredients well and pack into 500gm packets for distribution or storage.
  • Preparing the drink

Take 3 heaped teaspoons (45gms) of powder in a cup and add hot water little by little and stir well until all the powder mixes in. Serve hot. Hot water may be replaced with hot milk.

Sai Protein Powder – Recipe

This recipe makes about 13Kg of powder.

Serving size: 3 teaspoons (45gms) per cup

Sr. No Ingredient Quantity
1 Wheat 4 Kg
2 Green Grams 3 Kg
3 Ragi(Millet) 1 Kg
4 Sugar 2 Kg
5 Ground Nuts 1 Kg
6 Soyabeen 1 kg
7 Til 1 Kg
8 Cardamom 100 Gm
9 Vibhuti 100 Gm