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Date : 31/05/2018

The land of Gujarat has indeed been lucky for Bhagwan had visited different places in this state. May 17 th ,1970 Bhagwan visited the holy shrine of Somnath which is considered the first Jyothirlinga among the twelve Jyothirlingas. Swami entered the holy shrine where Brahmin Pandits were reciting Vedic Hymns. Swami asked for a plate , He then spread the fingers of His right hand and shook it over the plate, 108 silver Bilva leaves and 108 golden flowers fell from His hand. The very leaves and flowers Swami poured on the Lingam as abhishekam. He also inaugurated the Digvijay Dawar during His visit.

To commemorate this divine visit, the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization thought of arranging Mass Rudrabhishekam and chanting of Vedas in the very shrine. By Bhagwan’s grace and cooperation of the Somnath Trust, without any hurdles we got the permission and on May 31 st ,2018 we were able to perform Rudrabhishekam and chant Vedas at Somnath Temple. Sharp at 8:30 AM a procession of around 252 devotees from all over Gujarat headed by the State President Shri Manohar G. Trikannad and District President of Ahmedabad Shri Y.S. Jani with Bhagwan’s Padukas accompanied by their wives with Purna Kumbha and chanting of Sai Gayatri marched towards the main Temple. In the hall the programme started with 3 omkars and lighting of lamp by the dignitaries including one of the priest from the temple. Bhajans in praise of Lord Shiva were sung and then State President Shri Manohar G. Trikannad briefed all about Swami’s visit to the Somanth Temple. He also read out the good wishes sent on this occasion by AIP, Hon.Shri Nimish Pandya and V.AIP. Hon Shri Ramani sir. It was followed by  Chanting of Ganapati Prarthana, Ganapati Atharvashirsham, Namakam , Chamakam  Purushasuktam, Shivopasana, Sri Guru Paduka Panchakam, Lingashtakam, Bilvashtakam, Uttarpuja Vidhi, & Kshama Prarthana. The divine programme ended with Mass  Mangala Aarti and in the end the State President himself gave packets of vibhuti which was the abhishekam vibhuti received from the Temple Main Priest, who happened to have had the darshan of Bhagawan during His visit in 1970 , which all felt was Swami’s Prasad and all could feel Swami’s Omnipresence during the puja.

After the programme a Press Conference was held in the same hall wherein the   S.P.  Shri Manohar Trikannad told them why this Mass Rudrabhishekam was held in Somnath and also briefed them about the activities undertaken by our organisation at State and National level.

All the staff and management of the Somnath Trust were felicitated with a memento.

Jai Sairam !

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