The Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, Gujarat organised a Mass Upanayanam on 3rd May, 2015 at Ahmedabad and Surat. The programme commenced simultaneously from morning 9.00am. The boys were brought from the mandir hall amidst chanting of vedas to the stage where the rituals were to be done. Then the State President,Shri Manohar Trikannad, who was present in Surat lighted the lamp and hoisted the Prashanti Flag. Then Hon.Shri Nilkanth Sashstri, first chairman of Surat samiti and recipient of President award for promoting Indian Culture & Sanskrit language. He gave the inaugural address. He said how important this Upanayanam is and how the boys should henceforth say their Gayatri Mantra and regularly do their Sandhya vandanam. He remembered all the previous convenors and said that with great faith and commitment Swami’s was carried out and was happy that the coming generation has taken the baton and carrying out Swami’s work with much more commitment even today. 14 Brahmins together performed the rituals and all four vedas were chanted. The boys were given three pairs of clothes, one pair of sandals. The parents were also given clothes. The rituals got over by 4.30 pm. The State President, Shri Manohar Trikannad distributed basket full of gifts which included a framed photo of Swami to all the boys and blessed them. Same way gifts were distributed to the boys at Ahmedabad. The Brahmins were also felicitated by the District Presidents. The boys took the blessings of their family members and samiti members. In all 16 boys in Surat and 15 boys in Ahmedabad took part in this divine upanayanam. More than 350 people in Surat and 800 in Ahmedabad attended this function which includes the relatives of the boys and samiti members.