Sri Sathya Sai Seva org., Ahmedabad organized  the State level Bal Vikas Quiz Competition and Elocution competition  for college students on 25.12.16. Winners of the Elocution competition at various districts. The events were held at Gokuldham Medical centre, Vejalpur, Ahmedabad.

The programme started at 11.00 am with 3 Omkars, Ganesh Sthotram and Saraswati Sthotram. This was followed by  Lighting of the lamp  by State President, State Vice President and the three judges present on  the occasion. The State president Sri Manohar Trikannad welcomed Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba with a floral bouquet. The other dignitaries present were welcomed with bouquets.

The three judges for Elocution competition were , Mrs.Prabha Jayaram Soni,  an investigative journalist for 15 yrs, from Indian Express and Business Standard. Mr. Mahesh Upadhyay, Director for International Partners in Mission ,. Mrs.Kamlaben Prajapati, MA Phd in Hindi, a retired teacher by profession, .

The topic for the elocution competition was “Women, the true architect of society”. Totally 16 students..The top three winners were Mr.Abhishek, Vadodara, Mr. Wilfred Mukavu , Vadodara and Ms.Radha S Prajapati, Surat.  The winners were awarded with trophies and the topper from Vadodara was given the rotating shield which would be kept at the Vadodara samithi. All the participants were given certificate of  participation. The state president delivered a speech on the mission of the Divine Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba, about Seva activities of the Organisation both at Global level and national level.

Simultaneously Quiz competition for all three groups for BV students from across the state was held. 61 students participated with 27 BV gurus. The two judges for quiz competition were Mrs. Binotiben Thakore, Vadodara and Mrs Varshaben Shukla, Vapi.. Five groups of BV students were formed, with the groups randomly formed from participants of various districts. The participants were very enthusiastic portraying spirited healthy competition while answering. Based on the scores by each group the three toppers from three levels were Sathya, Ahimsa and Sathya. All the participants were given a schoolbag, note books and ball pen and a certificate of participation. The toppers were given special prizes as Swami’s blessings.

The State President thanked all the Bal Vikas Gurus and the participants and wished them all the best for their future endeavors in their academic and spiritual pursuits.

The programme concluded with Mangala  Aarti and Mahaprasad .

Jai Sairam.